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Half Moon Bay Part I-2 – Drug Smuggling Catholic Saints

…Todays fiction… Proverbs 9:10 Rick gives a look of denial mixed with the confused exhilaration from staring down the barrel of a loaded handgun. Both of Rick's eyes are fixated on the dark center of the gun's barrel looking intently with his brow furrowed at St. Peter in ominous wonder. Time, in Rick's mind, has stopped and a second feels like a lifetime. "Look man I don't want any trouble. I can just go. I won’t say a word." Rick says with his hands still raised high in the air. "Relax tough stuff. Take this gun and follow me." St.…
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Half Moon Bay Part I – Drug Smuggling Catholic Saints

Today's fiction…     John 1:1   Surrounded by headstones in all directions, a small gathering of people has collected around a casket. At the road leading up to the headstones is a sign reading, “Chicago National Cemetery” nearby. Rick, 21-years-old, sits next to his mother, Celia. The dark shades covering Rick's face conceals the emotion beating from his heart through his eyes. His mother sits next to him starts to lets out a gasp as she continues to cry, trying to conceal the same emotion with a wrinkled handkerchief that soaks with tears for her passing husband in the…