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First, taking public responsibility is an effective way of moving toward your goals. People have the fantastic capability to talk ourselves into or out of almost anything. When you have a project you want to release, commercial enterprise you need to begin, or life change you need to make, your mind will do everything in its power to tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t be doing it. We are wired that way, just accept it and move on.
By means of making anything you are doing public (and asking for responsibility) you tell your brain to shut its grimy mouth. You take a large leap forward, and like the Greek King Leonidas in the movie 300, you kick your brain in its doubt-filled chest and yell “THIS. IS. SPARTAAA!”
If you’ve never asked for public responsibility, then this could seem foreign and uncomfortable to you. That is ok. The uncomfortable feeling you have is your brain resisting. If you’ve surrounded yourself with individuals who know you and love you, their guidance must spark your movement-taking-hearth and hold it burning for so long as you need it. (I recognize that there are a whole lot of weird metaphors here).
Now, let’s talk about personal accountability.
Maybe you are not working on a project that you need to advertise publicly. Maybe you are looking to make adjustments to your non-public life, which you don’t want to blog about or say on social media. This is completely okay, and that’s why you will want to find a responsibility partner (or partners).
When picking a responsibility partner, you need to pick someone who has some key characteristics:
They’re dependable (can be reached speedily and reply quickly).
They are okay with being your responsibility companion.
They can relate to what you are doing on a few levels (you would not pick a non-smoker to help you stop smoking, or you would not ask someone who has never been through the e-book writing procedure to help you write your e-book).
You can be sincere and open with this person and they’ll come up with honest and open feedback (you don’t just want a cheerleader).
An accountability partner can come in any shape or size. It may be a paid business partner. It could be an old friend. It might even be a random stranger you met on Twitter a few years ago and have stayed in touch with. Whoever it is, ensure they meet the standards above in order to truly assist you accomplish your purpose.

The final element I want to mention about responsibility is that you might not need it on a regular basis. It is just the spark that keeps you going or allows you to get through a rough patch. I can say, though, do not stop looking for accountability until you’ve made an accomplishment. Accountability is awesome for getting started, but it absolutely is available and accessible when you hit roadblocks that try to derail you from something you’re taking on. You probably won’t see it coming, and that is the moment when responsibility makes all the difference.

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