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Are you and Empath? Well here is some help to find out…

What is an Empath? I ran into a girl a couple months ago that was talking about how she is an Empath, and how people need to have more empathy for one another in this world. <– I couldn’t agree more…

I wasn’t sure what an Empath was. So to get to the point here is a description to find out if you’re an Empath. Why is it important? A lot Empaths much like myself, get pulled back, and forth in a lot of different directions.  They’re seeking their way, but they need to focus on their path so they don’t feel bad inside.

This all may seem strange at first but here are a couple of notable Empaths that have helped to change the course of human history. This is just a small list.

  1. Abraham Lincoln.
  2. Mother Teresa.
  3. George Orwell.
  4. Mahatma Gandhi.

There is also a link to an ebook at the end if you’re interested in reading more. This being said as usual tweet me or send us a post if you can relate to being an Empath, or perhaps you know someone who is one…

Now are you an Empath?

Here is a general description of what an Empath is.

Empaths, in the simplest terms, are sensitive individuals. However, there are so many things beyond this plain description that the world needs to understand. Things that hold the true meaning of being an Empath. These are the vast gray scale that are often left blurred and ignored because the world is so used to simplifying things into either black or white. Being an Empath is not a choice between black and white. It is not even a choice to begin with. You are either born an Empath, or you are not.

Empaths feel people’s emotions with their sensitivity consciously, or subconsciously. This means the feelings they get from other people’s emotions are not necessarily under their own control. An Empath can feel the emotion behind a certain person, without the need to hear that person speak. There are also instances where an Empath can feel the true emotion behind a modified tone. So, it does not matter if the person speaks in a joyful tone. If he is sad, he will sound sad to an Empath. If people hear voices, Empaths feel them.

Empaths’ abilities are not limited to emotions, by the way. They can also sense physical suffering and can even have tendencies to adopt such illness. Yes, it happens to Empaths. Sometimes the physical pain, aches, and fatigue are a result of absorbing too many emotions from people. Empaths are also spiritually connected to human beings. Although often misunderstood, they often have the greatest, unending hope for humanity.

Some common traits of an Empath:

Ability to Easily Feel the Emotions of Other People

As an Empath, you are more focused on your external surroundings and that gives you the ability to have a deeper understanding of your environment, particularly people. You don’t need to hear people saying “I’m sad,” to know that they are. The moment you see them, feel them, or hear them, you can already sense the emotions they are holding inside themselves. Emotions are always naturally transferred to or shared with you, with or without your conscious knowledge.

Carrying Others’ Burden

In general, people can only truly understand someone’s struggle if they, themselves, have experienced the same. Empaths do not usually require initial experience to understand the burden a certain person carries on his shoulders. Also, majority of people do not know the difference between knowing what other people feel and understanding what they are going through; but Empaths do. And because of that, they often end up carrying others’ burdens.

Sense of Truth

You know things well because you observe them. You know what’s true and what’s not. Although there is no solid scientific explanation to support this, it is almost only because this ability does not come from your physical senses, nor your guts, nor your intuition. It is a natural feeling that you get when you are listening to people.

Getting Others’ Physical Symptoms

As once mentioned above, Empaths are not just sensitive to people’s emotions. Their sensitivity extends even to other people’s physical pain and suffering. This does not only happen by mere physical touch or transfer of airborne virus, although this could be a factor. They also have tendencies to get sick or feel unwell once they feel the weariness the other person is feeling.

Overwhelmed by Public

Unless needed, you do not prefer staying in a public place. Public is a place where a number of varying energies from different people meet. It is a huge pool of different emotions gathering all at once, and what’s worse than uncontrollably getting somebody else’s suffering is acquiring a lot of them from many people.

You Feel Suffering Even on Screen

Do you sometimes turn off the TV when you see news about tragic events? Do you switch channels because of a mere commercial about violence? Or do you usually feel the desire to help the protagonist of a certain movie, just because he was being mistreated and bullied by the antagonist? If yes, it is most probably because Empaths like you, do not need to be in the actual scenario to feel what is happening in there.

You Need Time to Be Alone

Solitude is your favorite escapade when things are getting rough and many people are getting unbearably emotional. Even when you don’t always grant yourself some time to be alone, you always tend to long for it. It is normal for Empaths. Being alone is your opportunity to free yourself from any stress and gather energy to move and to face the world again.

You Are Deeply Connected to Nature

You enjoy being with other living things. You talk to dogs, cats, birds, and any other animals. Despite not getting response from them, you believe they can feel and understand you. You believe they are a part of your existence and you tend to get attached to them more deeply than other people do.

Your heart is always close to nature, as well. The fresh wind from the trees relaxes you just as much as the sound of ocean waves do. You feel free when you are on the mountains, or on the beach, or under trees. Nature feeds the spirits of Empaths.

You Are Fond of Adventures

Your connection to nature is the bottom line of this trait. Either you love travelling or you enjoy the thought of it in case you haven’t travelled yet. Nature gives you the freedom to breathe in the positive energies and breathe out the negativities. You love going to different places and feel as if your existence is a part of their history. You are a free spirit, just like any other Empath.

You Get Bored Easily

Once you see things are getting less interesting, you get bored. You tend to make your life more exciting and more stimulating to keep yourself going. Distractions are your enemy. You start losing focus on doing a certain thing once you feel like working on it is unnecessary and won’t give you anything. You tend to look for changes and modifications just so you could save yourself from totally losing interest on one thing.

You are Creative

Empaths have hidden talents, and some are lucky to have discovered theirs already. All of these talents link to the fact that Empaths are naturally creative individuals. You prefer creating things out of basically anything. You have a deep passion for creation and a great sense of art, too. Painting, writing, drawing, or playing musical instruments are just some of the dominant talents Empaths usually possess although there are still hundreds of talents that you, and all the other Empaths can discover in yourselves.

You Love to Daydream

With your tendencies to get bored easily plus your creativity, you are consequentially prone to the habit of daydreaming. Whether you are at home or you are in class, or even when somebody is talking to you, if things get boring, you daydream. Being able to daydream just means your mind is healthy; but daydreaming all the time is something which is not anymore associated with being an Empath.

You Always Seek for Knowledge

As an Empath, you have an intense passion to seek answers for your questions. Doubts make you feel uneasy. Also, you never want your mind idled. You feed it with continuous knowledge about different things, mostly those which interest you. You are always curious about things that you do not know much about. You are always eager to learn new things.

You Hate Rules

This does not mean you are a rebel, though; that’s a different thing. You don’t like rules because you feel like you are being controlled. You never liked it when your freedom is being taken from you. Remember, Empaths are free spirits.

You Always Look Out for the Outcasts

The bullied, the so-called nerd, the fat kid at school who never had a friend, you always see them from afar and feel the desire to be friends with them. You know that they are the talented people, the smart ones, or simply the people who also want to feel appreciated.

You Hate Egocentrics

This is not a surprise for somebody who has been spending his life caring about people and trying to help them all the time. Egocentrics are your total opposite and you never liked their tone. You do not tolerate selfishness as you think it is one of the primary reasons why the world is experiencing violence and hate instead of harmony and love.

You Appear Shy

You often do not feel the need to talk too much and that leads people to the misconception that you are shy. Some Empaths are shy, most especially when they do not know how to handle their abilities. Some Empaths, however, are used to engaging in conversation. Confidence is more or less a matter of experience and is not necessarily about whether you are an Empath or not.

You Are an Excellent Listener

Since you are more concerned about your surroundings than yourself, you tend to be more welcoming to other people’s confessions, sentiments, stories, and opinions. People love it when they confess to you. You listen sincerely to them. You give pieces of advice and sometimes, inspiring words to make them feel better. You listen because you want to understand people, and not because you just want to have something to hear about them.

Do you possess most or all of these traits? If yes, it is safe to assume now that you are an Empath. Not to worry it’s a good thing, but understanding is the first step.

You can find out more information in our eBook here: Empath Personal and Spiritual Healing














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