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Better Memory Now! Simple But Effective Way to Enhance Your Memory

Better Memory Now! Simple But Effective Way to Enhance Your Memory

The universe is full of amazing things. It’s full of wonderful natural forces that shape it, for better or worse.

One of those forces, believe it or not, resides in each and everyone one of us. It’s the human mind. I believe it to be one of the most potent forces there is.

Why? Think of everything that has happened in the world. With the exception of natural events, everything else was conceived (again, for better or worse) by the human mind. Every invention. Every war. Every law. Every branch of knowledge. The list goes on. The human mind alone is capable of setting the course of civilization!

There have been exceptional minds throughout history. For most of us though, our brilliance remains suppressed by our daily fight for survival and wealth. We hardly have the time or the drive to develop our mind to its full potential. It’s not that we can’t. It just seems like a daunting task that will take forever. Most importantly, we don’t know how.

Well, that last bit we can certainly change. One of the first things we can do about our minds is to set a goal for a better memory. Our brain is able to store every detail of every event in our lives with room to spare, so there’s never a shortage of storage space. We just have to learn how to effectively tap into that capability.

This article isn’t about how to recall your past experience. It’s about how to maximize one of the brain’s most important functions: memorization. Believe it or not, with the right techniques, you can increase your ability to remember exponentially. Better memory is just a matter of knowing how to work with it.

If you’re given a list of 10 items to remember, can you manage it? Most of us may start by reciting the list numerous times. Once it ‘sticks’, then we can say we have it down in memory. That might work for 10 items, but how about 100 items? 1,000? 10,000? And what if you’re asked to not just remember the list, but to remember the order as well? Believe or not, your brain can manage all this and more. It only requires that you apply the right methods.

Those methods are called mnemonics, or memory techniques. They’ve been around since ancient times. People who are trained in mnemonics can remember vast amounts of information perfectly, like whole speeches–word for word. Here are some impressive memory feats that fellow mortals like ourselves have been able to accomplish:

· Ramon Campayo, the world’s “Fast Memory Champion”, can look at five sets of phone numbers in one second and remember them all.

· Chao Lu is able to memorize and recite 67,890 digits of the value of pi.

· John von Neumann, mathematician, can read a book or an article once, then recite it back verbatim. He can even do so years after reading it.

· And many more

These people worked their way to better memory using special techniques that anyone can learn. I am not suggesting that we need to be as good as them-I’m saying that if better memory is only a matter of practicing some simple techniques, why not try them out? Wouldn’t we be happy if we can manage just a fraction of what those people could? Then we needn’t scramble for our note pads or smart phones whenever something new comes along that we need to remember.

Each of us has a super memory just waiting to be activated and used. Mnemonics is key to that. It is not hard to learn, but can become a rewarding skill that you can use throughout your life. Knowing mnemonics is like adding a Swiss army knife to your brain. Act now and learn this amazing skill. I guarantee you will be awed by how much better your memory can become and how much easier it is to remember!


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