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Sleep smarter not harder

Dreams And How To Calm The Monkey

There is still quite a bit of research needed on dreaming but we know they occur during REM sleep. REM sleep is when you are in a deep state of unconsciousness. It is believed that muscular atonia comes with REM sleep and protects us from damaging ourselves by way of physically acting upon vivid REM dreams.
If you are having bad dreams, there is a way to relieve yourself. Start by visualizing a new dream, such going to your happy place and then keep on visualizing it until the bad dreams stop.
Sometimes you may have dreams that cause anxiety and most of the time that stems from being anxious in actuality during the day. This can get bothersome but you can overcome this problem by scheduling a worry time during the day.
Think about everything that makes you anxious. It’s essentially like facing your fears. When you think of worst, you will stop being afraid of it.

Creating White Noise to Sleep With
White noise is something that will cancel out the ambient noise in the background, such as the traffic noise from the street or the blaring radio from downstairs. You can create white noise in several ways, such as getting a small fan and turning it on when it’s time to sleep.
There are some companies that actually sell noise-makers apparently to help you sleep. The reason white noise is better for our sleep is because we cancel out all the other noises.
These “other” noises actually trigger our brain for a response. For instance, the traffic noise from outside will make your brain think who would be out so late and the blaring radio downstairs will make you angry. These emotions, however insignificant, cause your brain to stay conscious while white noise turns it off.

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