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Ketosis diet explained

Five tips for success on the ketogenic diet

Just getting started on the ketogenic diet? Good for you! Following are some of the important hacks to remember when following your diet plan in order to get the most out of it, and maximize your success rate.
Your body finds it difficult to retain water when on a ketogenic diet, so replenishing your body with plenty of fluids, especially water is crucial. Drink a minimum of three liters of water a day, and take your urine color as an indicator of proper hydration. A gentle yellow means you are properly hydrated.
Our bodies need fuel to function. When we restrict our carbs intake, especially to the point where it activates ketosis, back-up fuel is needed by our bodies. Because protein is not a great source of energy, fat is the option our bodies turn to.
The good news is that while in ketosis, most of the fat eaten is turned into energy, and not stored. Therefore, it is important that you choose a wide variety of unsaturated, healthy fat containing foods, like nuts, avocados, dairy products, olives and seeds for consumption.
Another great perk of the ketosis diet is the ability to enjoy alcohol without compromising your weight loss efforts. Try switching to unsweetened drinks, like scotch, whiskey, vodka, tequila, rum, gin, brandy and cognac while occasionally treating yourself to a low-carb beer.
Low-carb mixers should be your choice of drink, and remember to stay fully hydrated as hangovers are especially bad while in ketosis. Remember to not go crazy as calories still count.
Remember that weight loss is not an overnight process, and so don’t freak out or lose motivation, and stop weighing yourself every other day! The results are gradual and require persistence and a strong willpower.

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