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Positive Conditioning – Daily Affirmations

As opposed to searching out reinforcement from different people, I search for positive reinforcement from within by means of surrounding myself with steady, everyday reminders.
In a way, it sounds atypical or perhaps even silly that I tell myself ‘keep going!’ ‘You can do it!’ Or that immediately gain cliché charges around the TSC office for reminding myself to ‘just do it!’ However, it works.
Concentration—like I stated, this is a private aspect that works for me. It might not be right for you, but I wanted to share something unique that’s helped me ‘keep going’ in commercial enterprise/existence.
I never understood the exact practice of high quality affirmations until one random day, I simply sort of did understand it, you know? I was about 19 years old. That sounds complicated? Practicing tremendous affirmations turned into something I did accidentally.
I remember being 9 or 10 and having tiny little stickers in hidden spots that stated things like ‘you go, girl’ or ‘fulfillment is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out’. And I remember having pictures of ways I envisioned my dream room to look when I was 12 or 16, and having some serious stuff on the front of my binder with pictures of how I anticipated lifestyles after high school. Nearly like an imaginative and prescient board.
I didn’t realize at the time that displaying positive phrases/photographs/and many others would ultimately appease my unconscious and serve as motivational reminders when things got tough, uninteresting, or when existence didn’t go as planned.
(I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve had a few bad things take place in my life. Some of the stories aren’t mine to tell and some are ones I prefer to keep personal, but the point is: having fantastic reminders around my house/workspace/bedroom have provided a sense of comfort and positivity).
So what exactly am I getting at?

This is my definition of positive affirmations (feel free to form your own): having advantageous reminders around that help you to create a happy existence and take action.
This could suggest costs round your home, candles burning with comforting terms, business decks proudly on show to remind you of your desires, a tiny locket with a photo or word, an image that represents something to you (as an instance in case your goal is tour the world, maybe it’s a map), an inspiring book that’s highlighted and bookmarked, or a phrase that you quietly repeat to yourself each morning at some stage in a yoga pose.
My girlfriend, Erica gave me a pocket book for my birthday that says: constructing the skinny personal EMPIRE these days!
Each morning I awaken, visit my table & there it sits. Right in front of my face. Perhaps I don’t notice it every morning, however, perhaps I do? Subconsciously!
TSC bookmarks sit on my table too. Why? So I’m able to remember what I’m building.
Tiny effective existence costs are saved around my house. Some in secret spots while some in open spots.
Every time I leave my home there’s a print that says HUSTLE. Reminding me and Michael to HUSTLE. Again, maybe we don’t acknowledge it…but we see it when we come home and when we go away. Every. Single. Day.
I blog manifestly. From time to time I blog advantageous affirmations so it’s in the front of an audience and it feels extra real. Like this publication about my wedding. It’s out in the open now, my measly list, but as a minimum it’s a start, you know? And now and again I put up concepts on Instagram to share a particular quote that resonated.
I even went as far as to hide whatever terrible thing was happening on Facebook and only ‘LIKE’ matters that were fine, uplifting, and motivating. (A number of my ‘favored’ favorites are: Chihuahuas/puppies, entrepreneurs, Business Insider, some cool bloggers, books I really like, healthful meals, my friend’s corporations, & Vogue magazine).
I’ve been looking to start my very own foundation, so I made a bit of an imaginative and prescient board & I preserve it on show in TSC office.
Hell, even my iPhone notes have fantastic affirmations! You’d discover lots of sayings, reminders, and many others.
I have fantastic intentions everywhere in my life.
It’s the strength of positive concepts, right?
Because I’ve been in recovery from a gnarly fucking surgery I’ve attempted to place quite a few recovery affirmations across the house. I have healing essential oils burning, turmeric handy, clean meals without difficulty to be had, calming tunes, high quality people, and satisfying reminders and books surrounding me.
I refuse to allow negativity in.
If this technique is something you’re interested by exploring, I guess what I might advise is to go searching. What’s surrounding you? Are you surrounded with the aid of wonderful affirmations? In case you’re seeking to build a commercial enterprise, what’s your daily wonderful reinforcement? Are your imagination and predictions laid out in the front of you so you can see them? If you’re going out with a member of the family, buddy, or boyfriend, are there little reminders around to remind you of what to work on? In case you’re trying to adapt a more fit life-style, is that lifestyle the only one that’s surrounding you? If you have a set goal, is there motivation around reminding you to live a focused life?

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