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Sleep smarter not harder

Sleep Smarter, Not Harder

How to sleep you way to wealth and happiness, and this is not just a play on words. This is our new book that can literally transform your life by being more rested at night your life will greatly improve during the day.

Here is a gentle introduction:

Introduction: The Relationship between Sleep and Health
Even though you may not have realized this, but there is a connection between the amount of sleep you get and how well you are able to function throughout the next day. Often, if you don’t get a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling tired and grumpy, and that sets the tone for the rest of the day. You find yourself unable to focus and are unproductive throughout the day.
What you might not know is that there are other major health issues you might develop over time if you don’t get sufficient sleep. These include the usual suspects, like heart health issues and diabetes, plus your lifespan will also decrease if you don’t sleep enough.
Conversely, sleeping too much can be harmful for you as well. Research has shown people who sleep more than 9 hours a day are also vulnerable to health problems.
Why do you need to know this? Well, for one, most people today are sleep deprived. And those who suffer from psychological conditions show signs of sleep deprivation, i.e. yawning and grogginess. Statistics show over half the people who see psychiatrists on a regular basis are sleep deprived. This is high, as compared to the number of people who are sleep deprived across the US, i.e. 10% to 18%.
Generally, people with depression and anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD are likely to face sleep problems.
Though sleep problems are categorized as disorders on their own, they can further lead to psychiatric problems. What this means is treating sleep disorders has a positive impact on the cognitive health of a person.
There is more research required to uncover the link between sleep and mental health, yet studies have proven healthy sleep will bolster mental and emotional resilience. On the other hand, people with sleep problems are at risk of a negative mindset and emotional issues.
Facing sleep problems on a chronic basis can also increase the risk of obesity and diabetes. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that a good night’s sleep, every night, is the key to good health, and that is what this book will cover. In the following chapters, you will learn how to overcome poor sleeping habits and improve your quality of sleep.

For more information here is our book:

Sleep Smarter, Not Harder

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