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Speed Reading

How many times have you grabbed the newspaper or magazine in the morning and realized you’ve only 10 minutes to rush to work before your already cranky boss finds a reason to kick you out? So what do you do? Leave your morning ritual and make a run for it? More often than not most of us find ourselves in this situation and it becomes fairly impossible to carry out your daily reading routine. You resort to piling up your newspapers and wait for Sundays to spend your quality time with them or you just forget about it altogether.
However, this could all change. You could go through your morning ritual AND reach your workplace in time. Yes that’s right; you could do both without having to forfeit the other. How? Well the answer is speed-reading. Speed-reading is actually a major aspect of our new world with its unlimited advertisements and on-the-go marketing strategies. You’re doing it subconsciously all the time and you don’t even realize it.
Speed-reading actually started during war to identify enemy warplanes. Pilots would need to identify the enemy’s plane within microseconds. So they used a tool known as a ‘tachistoscope’ that flashed images before their eyes rapidly. This made it easier to differentiate between the enemies and them. In a setting where quick decision making is the very difference between life and death, this was a very significant piece of military technique and tool.
It was here when they realized that the human brain could process visual information much quicker than was thought because even with several hundreds of images the brain was able to quickly identify and make decisions based on information entering in the right side of the brain.
Your brain gets bored if it’s not constantly stimulated. So when you’re reading at your normal pace your brain loses interests in what you’re trying to learn. This isn’t because you are not a proficient reader. In fact it’s the opposite. Your mind is capable of doing much more than you’re setting it up for.
As you will speed-read through this you will realize how handy this technique can be in your daily life. There are several different techniques in speed-reading that you will come across in this E-book.

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