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What is a Psychic – the beginning of your abilities…

From the top…
To understand how you can increase your psychic abilities, you need to have a look at how physical sight works. If you ask people about how they see objects, you’re most likely to get the same answer – “eyes!” Well, it is a fact that we see with the help of our eyes, but this is just partial answer.
Your eyes send electrical signals via nerves to your brain. But surprisingly at this stage, these signals are meaningless and useless. Your brain’s job is to covert these meaningless signals into meaningful information. And this is exactly where ‘actual sight’ is created.
A competent psychic understands this process thoroughly and confidently steps beyond into the realm of awareness. So the question is – what is awareness?
Interestingly the difference between psychic and those who are not is awareness. That’s right. Psychic awareness is the understanding of the full potential of the mind when applied to everyday life.
Remember that we live in a sea of awareness. And in this context, awareness is the final step in the process of sight. Your eyes ‘see’ the physical data and send signals to your brain which then interprets data and applies the information. The psychic’s sight or the sixth sense can be created simply by paying attention to this information processing step.
As you can guess, we absorb tremendous amount of data through our senses. Another important thing to remember is that even greater multitude of information is created and absorbed repeatedly in the brain. Your non-conscious awareness is what handles this process and the information then is passed on to your conscious awareness. Remember that this is the self awareness we all usually identify with.
As stated earlier, awareness is everything. It is a comprehension of the spirit inside you and the power of the human mind. Awareness is the building block of reality. Your brain in fact is just a funnel through which awareness can stream.
A master psychic will understand that he/she is one with the process of sight, and uses this realization to access any aspect of awareness he or she chooses. Although the road to mastery may not be so short, understanding the basics is immensely helpful and this short eBook can get you there much more sooner.

Understand and Develop Psychic Abilities for a Better Life
There is no difference between a competent psychic and a competent scientist, or a mage and even a Zen priest. A skillful psychic finds uses and integrates many perspectives. But as far as stereotypes go, are there any differences? Well, this is something we shall look deeper into.
The stereotype of the psychic is someone who is good at receiving outside information, but is also a bit of an airhead. The only problem with a psychic is integrating the information received and using it in a satisfactory factor.
The stereotype of the scientist is someone who is down to earth, trusting only the physical senses and unmoving logic. Most scientists end up with one problem, i.e. getting stuck in the logic of a divided world and being unable to see beyond it.
The stereotype of the mage is someone who uses fiery imagination within one’s awareness. A mage’s problem is the burning ego of no balance.
The stereotype of the Zen priest is someone who flows like water with the basic reality at all times. Problems of a Zen priest include the lack of ability to formulate anything.
As stated earlier, a skillful psychic does everything to integrate many views. When you work to develop psychic awareness, you actually gain access to the subconscious mind. What’s even better is that you gain the ability to influence the energies that can affect your health, relationship and success in life.
What You Can Find in this post…
How can you expand upon your own psychic awareness and other abilities? Well, if you want to develop and use the power of your mind to change your life for the better, you’ve come to the right place.
This beginner guide is designed to help you increase your psychic abilities. Continue reading to find out more about psychics, psychic senses and easy and effective ways to unlock your psychic abilities.

Colors and Psychic Ability
Colors around us have the power to change our moods and make us less or more productive. If you look at the science behind this, you will find that each color has a unique vibration frequency and the qualities associated with that particular frequency is what influences the attitude of other objects around it.
The Meanings of Different Colors
1. Red
In positive light, red means is a healthy ego. It can signify something stimulating, exciting and fun. Bright red color also shows passion and strong feelings, and creative power unleashed.
In negative light, red means anger, rage, anxiety and even nervousness. Different shades of red mean different things. For example, deep red color signifies strong willed or realistic instinct. Clear red means sensual or competitive energy. Orange red is most often used for confidence.
2. Pink
Bright pink color usually shows the sensual, artistic side. It can also be used to show love, affection and compassion.
3. Orange
Orange is more related to the reproductive organs and emotional feelings. The color shows good health and vitality. When viewed in positive light, orange is productive, social and courageous.
Other shades of orange such as orange yellow shows detailed oriented character and intelligence. Brownish orange on the other hand shows low level of ambition and feelings of being lazy.
4. Yellow
Yellow is equivalent to lively energy. Also known as the color of awakening, yellow signifies optimism, inspiration and intelligence. Bright yellow can show power struggles in personality and business. Muddy yellow can be used to show stress and fatigue.
5. Green
Green as you can guess is the color of nature. It represents growth, balance and healthy change. You can use shades of green such as emerald free to show loving, healing person, and yellow green for creativity.
Muddy green isn’t good as it signifies jealousy, insecurity and oversensitivity to criticism.
6. Blue
Blue is a calm and composed color. It signifies loving, caring and sensitive energies. Light blue color in particular shows peacefulness and clarity of mind. Muddy blue on the other hand shows fear of expression or speaking the truth.
7. Violet
Violet is the most sensitive color of the aura. It shows magical and artistic powers and reveals intuitive and visionary instinct.
8. Silver
A bright silver light in the aura means money or spiritual awakening. Bright metallic silver shows nurturing, new ideas. Muddy grayish silver shows accumulation of fear inside the body. It also signifies health problems when seen in any particular area of the body.
9. Gold
Gold, as you can guess signifies divine protection and enlightenment.
10. Black
Black can signify problems in life, unreleased anger and grief. It also shows unforgiving nature.


For more on the what a Psychic is and how you can increase your awareness you can find the book here:
Psychic: The beginners guide.

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