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Ketosis diet explained

What is Ketosis?

Firstly, the word ketosis refers to the state of the human body when it lacks carbohydrates and starts depending upon proteins, fat and muscle for its energy. That is how this diet got its name. In other words, a ketosis diet is a diet with low amount of carbs or no carbs at all.

Being in this condition, the brain tells your body to create reserves of glucose for emergencies only. This happens because of the lack of carbohydrates in your body. And so, the brain starts using fat storages for immediate energy needs.

When you first deprive your body of carbohydrates and replace them with protein and fat, the metabolism shifts to accommodate this. The first stage is known as lipolysis, and is the initial burning of fat to use as energy.

Ketosis is the second part of the process that takes place when your body’s metabolism shifts from getting energy from carbohydrates to taking it from fat. When it is taking place, this is the time you lose the most fat. The term ketosis relates to the blocks of fat that are stored for release as energy, which are known as ketones.

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