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I Need to Edit My Novel!

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How to Get Your Butt Into the Chair to Write

10 Tips How to Get Your Butt Into the Chair to Write

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7 Ways To Create Powerful Fictional Characters

7 Ways To Create Powerful Fictional Characters

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About the Author


MeAbout copy

This publishing company will aspire to continue to publish both fiction and non-fiction. The non-fiction comes from tried and tested methods of discovery that has the ability to free up your time to make more money and travel, or do whatever you desire. The fiction I draw from all aspects of creation and life.

I am a passionate Web Designer, Entrepreneur, Mentor and Author. First of all, I want to congratulate you for making the effort to educate yourself. I have had the great opportunity in this life to wear many hats. From being a Paratrooper in the Army to making a Documentary Film as a Volunteer in East Africa, which I try to bring in my experiences to garner a strong writing relationship with the page. 

I understand that not everyone has the time, patience or the funds to invest in courses, go to college or to use trial and error to learn how to code, program or run a successful online business, but I am certain there are many people out there like yourself that wish to learn such skills.

I believe that people should have access to great information and educational content that is suitable for them at low cost and not consuming massive chunks of their time and energy.
I also believe that learning should be enjoyable and not dreadful.

That's why I have created and written a number of guides that are aimed at teaching amazing topics such as YouTube profit or eBay Arbitrage, amongst many others, in a simple approach suitable for anyone with the desire to learn, regardless of their prior experience with the subject. I try to give knowledge on how to achieve goals without money, and in the process making money by doing what you love, or freeing your time to achieve more. 

And contrary to other long, boring text-book style eBooks, my guides are designed to be fun and engaging whilst delivering great content because I believe learning should be exciting.

So if you believe in great content, that is enjoyable, not too complicated and definitely affordable, then download my ebooks now and I will see you inside!

Thanks for making a change,
Travis Knoll


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