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4 Unique Ways to Market Your Children's Book

4 Unique Ways to Market Your Children’s Book

I am doing some research about how to best market and sell children's books and thought I would share some of the thing that I have found helpful. Many of the authors have written and self-published a diary for children and/ or young adults. The YA busines is one of the fastest growing as institutions support and encourage regular read beyond the elementary school years. It is an exciting season for self-publishing. If you are an author of a children's record or hope to be soon, the members of the self-publishing process is the creation of a marketing propose. For…
The Importance of Following-Through for Optimal Success As a Writer

The Importance of Following-Through for Optimal Success As a Writer

One of the hardest acts that novelists must do is to following through. To follow-through is to take stock of your writing purposes and to assess your the developments on those goals each week. This process is no requirement take a long time. It could take as few as five or ten minutes. But the process is important because it can really help you feel better and more self-confident of your writing career. And this sense of self-confidence can help you to feel better about your overall writing profession and goals. So, the process of following through consists of these…