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Ketosis diet explained

Benefits Of The Ketogenic Diet

The list of benefits concerning a ketogenic diet is a lengthy and happy one. These are some of the perks of the diet you can expect to see after a month of switching to the ketogenic diet plan:
1- Being in ketosis allows the body to process fat and use it as fuel. Carbohydrates are much easier to convert and use as fuel, so when you are providing plenty of these to your body, you need to burn and use all of it before your body will finally begin converting and using fat as fuel!
2 – Another benefit of being in a state of ketosis is that excess ketones are not harmful to your system in any way whatsoever. Any ketones the body produces, which are not needed are simply excreted through urine, easily and harmlessly. In fact, this excellent benefit is the reason why you can check whether you are in a state of ketosis using urine testing strips in the morning.
3- When your body gets used to being in ketosis, it will actually begin to prefer ketones to glucose. This is the ideal state you want your body to be in: no longer craving sugar whatsoever, and in fact preferring protein as a fuel source as opposed to sugar.
4- Another benefit of the ketogenic diet weight loss is that being in a ketogenic state is useful for controlling insulin levels in the body. Insulin is one of the substances that make you crave food, particularly because it is high in sugar, and so controlling it at healthy levels is one of the key elements of weight loss.
5- Most research studies on the benefits of ketosis diets for epileptic seizures in children show a large improvement, which is especially significant since these children usually did not respond to previous medication therapy. In one study, 38% of the kids on the ketosis diet had more than a 50% reduction in the frequency of seizures while 7% had greater than a 90% reduction. A modified Atkins diet, basically an extended Atkins induction phase, showed similar results.
6- Last, but certainly not least, is that a majority of people who take advantage of ketogenic diet weight loss report that being in a ketogenic state makes them feel significantly less hungry than when they are in a non-ketogenic state. It is much easier to stick to a diet, any diet, when you’re not fighting cravings and hunger every step of the way. In fact, hunger pangs can often derail a person’s best efforts! Not having to deal with them makes it easier to meet your goals, all the way around.

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