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Sleep smarter not harder

Food Habits for better Sleep

Small changes can make a big difference in our life and eating habits overall, but it is one step at a time…
Food Habits
Certain food habits can also affect your quality of sleep, here is a short list of what you should or shouldn’t eat.
Drinking late, in fact later than 3 pm, is highly unadvisable. This includes chocolate, coffees, teas, sodas and energy drinks. If you are not sure whether a food item contains caffeine, be sure to check the label. Caffeine prevents your brain from entering into a deep state of sleep.
Meat and Dairy
Eating heavy portions of meat or dairy close to your bedtime will cause you to wake up during the night. This is because both food items are heavy on your digestive system and can cause some discomfort, such as bloating. Thus, eat well before bedtime to allow for proper digestion.
Alcohol may help you relax but much like caffeine it prevents your brain from falling into deep sleep. When the effects of alcohol start to wear off, you wake up later in the night. Alcohol is one of the most popular self-medicated sedatives and although it seems harmless, over time it can cause damage to your overall sleep pattern and memory.
Marijuana is another culprit taken as a nightcap and also has an addictive pattern to it. Cannabis may help you fall asleep faster, especially if you are treating a condition, it will interfere with your sleep. Cannabis also interferes with your REM sleep cycle. It reduces rapid eye movement, which means you will have vivid dreams and when you start to quit the addiction you may experience more than regular, lucid dream.
Good Food Habits
If you must eat before bed, eat probiotics, like yogurt, to keep your stomach settled. Also, avoid sugars and choose whole grain products. Eat other foods that induce melatonin, such as proteins, like chicken, turkey, seeds and nuts, and combine them with rice, pasta or potatoes.
Exercise is also excellent for a good night’s sleep. A tired body will help you fall asleep faster and longer, as the brain is busy in regeneration and healing.

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