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Manage Your Business Through Outsourcing

You have been spending a lot of time on eBay and seen your store grow from scratch. But now, it is time for you to expand not from a customer perspective but from a people perspective. How does people figure in here?

The idea is that you need not to spend a lot of time on doing the listing and taking care of minute things yourself. You have now reached a stage where you need someone to take care of your online store while you can figure out what to do next like open a new store, or go traveling while your store keeps generating profit for you.

But how do you get a person to take care of your store? Let me make this clear here. You are not having a physical store where you need people who can handle customers. While you want someone to handle your online store on your behalf, you need to ensure that they are good enough to communicate with your customers on a regular basis.

The person you need now is a “Professional” lister. A lister is a person who searches various online wholesales and lists the products on your behalf, based on your briefing. He or she is regularly in touch with you regarding the products to list, has extensive discussions with online wholesalers and customers, giving and receiving feedback on your behalf and managing the operations of your online store.

If you recall, I had mentioned that start with only one or two online wholesalers so that you are not too burdened with dealing with too many wholesalers. With a lister, you can add two more vendors, and have the lister manage the relationship with these wholesalers. Or you can hire two listers so that you can expand your store, with products from different wholesalers.

The critical question here is where do you get a lister from?

Check out freelancing platforms like UpWork or to hire part time or full time listers. You can pay them by the hour or on a lump-sum basis. As a recruiter and manager, you can define the criteria and hire the best possible person for your online store.

If you cannot hire someone from these freelancing platforms, you can try out any outsourced service provider. Make sure that you sign a clearly defined contract with the provider, including the way you will pay the person, and the number of hours he / she needs to put into your online store. Similarly, ensure that the provider invoices you correctly.

Many of the issues pointed out above are taken care of if you are able to hire a lister from the freelancing platforms.

Once you sign up a lister to handle your store, you need to be available for discussions for at least a month. Make sure that you are available for discussions an hour every day. You can ask the lister for a status report on what he has done, what issues he has faced, whether any new products have been listed, what is the sale for the day and many other more. At the same time, make sure that you have at least $5000 credit limit so that your lister is able to work without any hindrances and you stand to only make a profit.

While you will get a mail on the sale of the products on your store, it is important for you to keep in touch with your lister regularly, and ensure that your online store never sleeps.

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