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Memory Exercises For Staying Sharp

Memory Exercises For Staying Sharp

It is really important to exercise your memory. One of the best ways of doing memory exercises is actually by having fun playing games that involve memory as well as memory challenging activities like crossword puzzles.

Memory strengths and weaknesses can differ from one person to the next. One person may have difficulty remembering faces and names. Another may never forget a face but cannot remember what they bought at the store today.

Association plays a big part in how we remember. Try this memory exercise. The next time you meet someone make a conscious effort to examine their face. Look for any unusual features and then create an association in your mind combining that facial feature and the person’s name. This could be a rhyme or an image that will bring back this person’s name and face when you think of it.


Math problems are great memory exercises. If it has been a while since you sat down and wrote out some long division then sit down and try a few problems. Do some multiplication and addition as well.


Working puzzles is an excellent way of testing your powers of recall. They force the brain to utilize memory in various areas to produce solutions.


This is one of the better forms of memory exercises because it is enjoyable. When you are having fun it does not seem like exercising. Playing chess or games that involve strategies is great exercise for the brain.

Your memory is not a muscle. You brain is another story. You can use memory exercises to work out your brain. Even though it is not a muscle it still reacts like one. So when you fail to use it then it grows weaker. It is a ‘function’ of the brain and needs to be exercised.

Become a ‘mental athlete’ and work out regularly. You will begin to see the benefits in a short time. Create your own association methods and have fun with memory exercises.

There are many ways to affect your memory like-

Online Brain Games

Memory Systems

Adequate Sleep

Memory Improvement Vitamins

and many more. Today we live in an age where so much is done for us through the use of new technology that we lose parts of ourselves. We use electronic organizers, computers, calculators, and all sorts of gadgets to help us remember and organize things.

You can make an effort to improve your memory by increasing the amount of mental energy you put out every day. Try some of these and make them ‘mental habits’ –

(1). Memorize Your Grocery List

(2). While Shopping Keep A Mental Total Of Your Items

(3). Memorize Phone Numbers In Sets Of 10 (friends & family)

(4). Play Board Games

(5). Pick Up A New Hobby (make it challenging mentally)

(6). Take 10 Minutes A Day To Memorize Names Of Places Around The Globe

(7). Shuffle A Deck Of Cards And Memorize As Many Dealt Off The Top As You Can

(8). Remember Facts Or Figures In Reverse Order

(9). Memorize The Lyrics Of New Songs

(10). Try Learning A New Language

There is no end to the things you can do to exercise your mind. You can make up your own and look for ideas online. The main thing is that you incorporate them into your daily routine.


You can go into more depth on ways to increase/renew memory and improve your results here:


Renew Memory


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