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Tips To Focus And Be A Better Reader

After learning about what speed-reading is and how to do it, you should also know the tips and tricks of how you can maximize your speed-reading skills and the experience.
When you are going through any text, more often than not, you may be doing some wrongs that would affect your speed-reading.
Speed-Reading Is Not About Beginning to End but Point-To-Point
While you are reading a book, you should pick up the important points but it doesn’t mean you need to read them in a specific order. In fact, you should be able to skip specific parts of the book that are unnecessary. Mostly, you will find a book has a good point or two but it is highly unnecessary that you need to read every page of it.
Use a Pacing Tool
Use your finger or pencil to guide you along the lines of the book you are reading so you keep moving forward as fast as possible. While reading, your eyes move in a rapid irregular motion as it changes focus from one point to another. So, reading is a series of jumping snapshots. If you help yourself by using a visual guide, it will prevent relapse.
If you move your pacing tool faster than your normal reading rate, your eyes will be able to register text faster than your brain can process the words on the page and this helps in breaking the habit of subvocalization.
Free Yourself from All Distractions and Interruptions
Take off those earphones and kick out those friends from the room who distract you from your reading time. You should make sure you are in a comfortable seat and in a quiet room while you are trying to focus on what you are reading. Distractions and interruptions are a great cause for why your reading patterns could get severely disrupted resulting in a decrease in comprehension of the text.
Chunk It Up
As we discussed in chapter 1, chunking is the method of reading more than one word at a time. By grouping words in blocks as you read, you allow your mind to interpret ideas and visual images instead of separate words.
Don’t Go Back
When you speed-read, not moving backwards is the key to speeding up. The idea is to move forward and not halt to reread something. Rereading causes a high level of inefficiency of your reading time. So, keep moving forward!
Use Your Imagination: Visualize
Visualizing what you read is a great technique to increase efficiency. Think of the ideas on the page as pictures in your head. A major part of the human brain is designated to process information visually, hence forming the fastest circuits in the brain for processing information.
Create mind maps to process the information visually and you should also use the same visual process in your head while you read.
As you practice and become more proficient at speed-reading, you will see the infinite possibilities that unlock with it.

Conclusion and some other tools…
Here are a few suggested speed-reading tools that can help you optimize your ability as a speed-reader.
These uses of technology can help you to be a better speed-reader.
Spreeder is a great app and website for you to help you improve your speed.
Spritz is Rapid Serial Visual Presentation tool that works on the science of placing words in their Optimal Recognition Position.

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