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Ketosis diet explained

History of the ketosis diet

Epilepsy has confounded humanity since its earliest manifestations in the individuals it plagued. Once attributed to supernatural attacks from evil spirits, the disease soon came under the scrutiny of Hippocrates. The Greek were the first to identify the reality of Epilepsy being biological and not spiritual. It was Hippocrates who would use fasting as a means of correcting the disease.

But Hippocrates wasn’t alone. As history unfolded after Hippocrates, other physicians cited fasting as a means for combating Epilepsy. This is what makes the Ketogenic Diet so incredible: it has been developed over centuries of time, and the physicians who were working to find a cure had no idea! Fortunately for the world, they were on the right track, and this track would lead to the Ketogenic Diet breakthrough of the 20th century.

Early in the 20th century, there was a worldwide interest in fasting as a means of treating epilepsy. It peaked when two doctors (Guelpa & Marie) from Paris helped 20 people minimize the effects of their epilepsy and recorded the entire process in a report.

Soon after, the same conclusions were drawn in the US when doctors from multiple fields used fasting to improve their patients’ situations. But we know that while fasting is a temporary cure, it’s unsustainable.


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