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Psychic Impressions – Beginner’s Guide II

Psychic Impressions


If you want to seriously enhance your psychic abilities, you need to first determine the most common and more importantly, the most powerful and efficient way you receive psychic impressions.

As you can guess, every person has their own unique way of receiving psychic information. And to enhance your psychic powers, you must first find out your preferred sixth-sense mode.

According to the modern theory of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) most people have a preferred sensory mode. This sensory mode basically is the way we like to gather, store and recall psychic information.

There are three principal modes of receiving psychic impressions:

  • Visual,
  • Auditory and
  • Kinesthetic

What’s interesting to note here is that you can predict the preferred mode of receiving psychic signals by noticing the kind of words a person uses to describe something.

For example:

You have a visual preference if you always say something like “I see what you mean”, or “I can easily picture myself in that situation”. As you would notice, picturing yourself or seeing yourself in different situations is actually a visual element. It is also seen that people with visual preferences like bright colors and they think ‘visually.’

People with an auditory preference are good listeners. They will listen very closely to what you say. Furthermore, they have a strong tendency to read things aloud. If you have an auditory preference, you would say things like “I can hear what you are saying’ or ‘I can understand you loud and clear.’

The third type of preference or kinesthetic preference is more related to movements, actions, feelings and sensations. If people say “I feel for you,” they are most likely to have a kinesthetic preference.

Psychics also have an extra-sensory preference or you can say a dominant psychic mode. Your preferred mode of receiving psychic signals is related to your preferred extra-sensory mode.

How to determine your dominant Psychic mode

Read through the following paragraphs to memorize the lines. You can listen to your recording or even have someone read out the lines for you.

“Close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and imagine you’re walking on a beach. Visualize yourself lying on a soft, dry beach towel. There are lush green trees around you. Walk barefoot and feel the gentle warmth of the beach sand. Feel the sunrays warming your skin and hear the water waves gently hitting the sand. Listen to the waves while looking at the green trees. Look up and notice the seagulls flying. Now open your eyes.”

Answer the following simple questions after you open your eyes.

  1. Can you picture yourself lying on the beach?
  2. How many trees did you see?
  3. Was your towel colored?
  4. How many seagulls were flying over you?
  5. What color was the beach sand?

If you can see visual images clearly, your dominant mode is Clairvoyance.

  1. Can you hear the gentle waves?
  2. Do you remember the seagull cries?
  3. Could you hear the big waves?

Remembering the sounds indicates that you dominant psychic mode is Clairaudience.

  1. Can you feel the hot sand?
  2. How long did you walk on wet sand?
  3. What parts of your body were feeling warm?

Recalling clear ‘sensory impression’ or sensation shows that your dominant mode is Clairsentience.

This short exercise is the first step in discovering how your brain prefers to handle psychic information.

For more on the what a Psychic is and how you can increase your awareness you can find the book here:
Psychic: The beginners guide.

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