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An empath is a person who is affected by the energy of other people and has an intrinsic capacity to intuitively perceive and feel others. Unconsciously, our lives are influenced by others’ wishes, desires, moods and thoughts. However, more than feeling emotions on a deeper level, empaths can also perceive spiritual urges and physical sensitivities, and sense the intentions and motivations of others.
Empaths are born, not made. Their abilities are genetic traits, inherent in their DNAs and are often passed through generations. This means being an empath is not something that you can learn. It’s either you’re an empath or not at all.

Being an empath means you’re always open to process the energy and feelings of other people. In most cases, you take on those emotions as if they were your own. You feel as intensely as the person from whom you’re absorbing the energy and emotions. For this reason, empaths often experience unexplained pains and aches, environmental sensitivities, chronic fatigue, and the like. These things can be attributed mostly to external influences and less to your inner self. You are essentially treading this earth with all the accumulated energies, karma and emotions from others.

Mostly, empaths are quiet achievers. These world-class nurturers can take a while to handle compliments because they are more inclined to identify the positive attributes of another person. They are exceptionally expressive in every aspect of emotional connection. They talk openly and quite frankly. However, they may find it difficult to discuss their own emotions no matter how much the other party cares to listen.
On the other hand, empaths can also be the unresponsive and reclusive type. They may even seem insensible. Some are good at “shutting out” others in an attempt to block the barrage of intense emotions coming from the external environment, and protect their own inner feelings.

Empaths tend to openly feel and become more conscious about what is outside than what is within them. This can make empaths disregard their own particular needs. Empath are generally non-aggressive and non-violent individuals. Most of the time, they act as the peacemaker. Any place or situation filled with chaos or disharmony creates an awkward, uncomfortable feeling in empaths.

In case they find themselves caught in the middle of an argument, they will strive to fix the issue as fast as possible, or avoid it altogether if they can. If any foul words or profane language is expressed in their defense, an empath is likely to resent his lack of discipline and self-control.

Many empaths are excellent storytellers because of their inquisitive minds, vast imagination, immense creativity and constantly expanding knowledge. They can be tender, sentimental and romantic at heart. They may also act as the “keepers” of family history and ancestral knowledge.

If not the apparent family historians, empaths may be the ones who attentively listen to the stories being passed down from generation to generation, so it is not surprising if they already possess or may have started a family tree.

Empaths have great interest in a wide variety of music to match their numerous expressive temperaments. Others can be puzzled at how empaths can listen to one music genre and switch to something completely different within minutes. Empaths pay close attention to the lyrics of songs. Words have powerful, adverse effects on them, especially if the song is relevant to their current situation or recent experience. In such cases, it is advisable for an empath to listen to music with no accompanying lyrics to avoid creating havoc in their emotional state.

An empath has a great tendency to pick up others’ emotions and project them back without recognizing its source in the first place. For a learning empath, it is vital to talk things out in order to release emotions. Empaths ultimately develop a stronger, higher level of understanding, enabling themselves to find peace in any situation. The consequence to this is that they tend to bottle up their emotions and build sky-high barriers so as to not let other people know their deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings. This suppression of emotional expression can be one of the direct results of an expressionless upbringing, a traumatic experience, or perceiving the notion that “Children are only meant to be seen, not heard” early in their lives.

Most empaths are sensitive to news, TV, movies, broadcasts and videos. Violence and dramas portraying shocking scenes of emotional or physical pain inflicted on children, women, animals and adults can easily bring empaths to tears, although they try to hold back the tears at times.

Scenarios like these may also make them feel physically ill. Some empaths struggle in attempting to comprehend the need for such cruelty and violence. They may have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings in the presence of others who are ignorant, close-minded and lack compassion.

You will often find empaths working with nature, animals and other people with dedication, true passion and sincerity to help. Most of them are tireless teachers and caretakers of the environment. Many volunteers who do charitable work are empathic people. They give up their personal time without pay or recognition for the sake of helping those who are in desperate need.

Empaths are thinkers and problem-solvers. They also study various things. They will search untiringly until they find the answers and solutions to problems. This is particularly beneficial for building better relationships, enhancing the workplace and nurturing home life.

Many empaths are lucid dreamers and inquisitive of their dreams’ content. They can see their dreams vividly and remember them in detail. Most of the time, they feel as if the dreams are somehow connected to their waking life and not just random mumbles of irrelevant and nonsensical images. This curiosity leads them to unravel the mystery behind their dreams and link the interpretation to its significance in their waking life. If not, empaths will find other means that will lead them to the interpretations of their dreams.

In all likelihood, empaths will have varying paranormal encounters over the course of their lives. OBEs (out of body experiences) and/or NDEs (near death experiences) can awaken an unaware empath and begin their journey towards discovery and better understanding of themselves.

For empaths without knowledge of their empathic/psychic capacities, the lack of understanding towards their paranormal experiences may suppress such abilities. Any empath who is going through this stage may need to pursue their interest in the paranormal or the “unexplained” to find explanations and accept (and embrace) their life circumstances.

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